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The goal

The productizers managed a project for HAVI on behalf of Flusso, a dutch IT company specialized in Java and Progress. A transition to a performance driven team in a period of 6 month is the goal.

The Client

HAVI is a global, privately owned company focused on innovating, optimizing and managing the supply chains of leading brands. Offering services in marketing analytics, packaging, supply chain management and logistics, HAVI partners with companies to address challenges big and small across the supply chain, from commodity to customer. Founded in 1974, HAVI employs more than 10,000 people and serves customers in more than 100 countries.

The transition

Flusso used to employ functional specialists and developers to the HAVI team to maintain their core logistic software for distribution management.
Because of a their strategy HAVI wants to change the way Flusso and HAVI cooperate. A transition from delivering capacity into complete responsibility according to Flusso’s point of view. This is where the expertise of the Productizers comes in.
The Productizers designed the SLA based on the demanded KPI’s and managed the complete transition for HAVI. The end result is a smooth team which works based on KPI’s an is fully performance driven.